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Programa de Voluntarios

“Nos ganamos la vida con lo que obtenemos,

pero hacemos una vida con lo que damos.”

-Winston Churchill

Las oportunidades de voluntariado incluyen:

Clothes Hanging at the SACS Thrift Avenue second hand store


Volunteer will assist SAVAC staff with accepting, processing, sorting, and stocking donations for our thrift store located in Dade county. 

Special events volunteer

Volunteers at a special event for the Sexual Assault Victims Advocacy Center

Volunteer will assist SAVAC staff and other volunteers with tasks such as:

  • event/equipment set up

  • greeting

  • registration

  • directing/coordinating

  • food service

  • giveaways

  • clean up

Great opportunity for students and youth/church groups!

An office where an administrative volunteer assists by answering phones and data entry

administrative assistant volunteer

Volunteer will assist with tasks such as:

  • answering the phone

  • data entry

  • filing

  • cleaning and other duties as needed

A Young Teacher educating community groups and classrooms as a SAVAC advocate

community outreach volunteer

Volunteer will assist SAVAC advocates with educational presentations for various age groups which may include: community groups, classrooms, churches, or workplaces located within Walker, Dade, or Catoosa counties.

This opportunity is ideal for college students and interns.

All volunteers must:

  • Complete a volunteer application with necessary references. 

  • Be willing to submit to a background check.

  • Maintain confidentiality

  • Must complete required trainings as applicable

  • Must attend orientation and monthly meetings

También hay practicas laborales disponibles. Llama a nuestra oficina para obtener más detalles al 706.861.0929. También puede comunicarse con nuestra Coordinadora de Voluntarios, Cinthia Higuera,

Se realizará una verificación de antecedentes para cualquier solicitante que sea voluntario o esté haciendo una pasantía en el Centro de Defensa de Víctimas de Agresión Sexual. La Directora Ejecutivo administrará la verificación de antecedentes y referencias sin costo para usted.

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